Handmade Cross Necklaces--The 'Help Me Buy More Chickens' Sale!

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    Nov 14, 2009
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    I have a lot of these cross necklaces that I made. I used to sell them at craft fairs, but I moved a few months ago and there is no craft fair market here...so I have a big box of them sitting around collecting dust. I'm going to sell them at a reduced price to get them out of my way, and because I need some cash to buy more chickens!

    They normally sell for $10 each, but right now I will sell them for $5 each. Or you can buy them by the dozen for resale, cheap gifts, use them as a fundraiser, whatever....For a dozen assorted colors, they will be $2 each, $2.50 each for a dozen all the same color, and $3 each for a dozen pick your own colors assortment.

    I have pretty much any color you could ask for, name it and I probably have it--Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold, Copper, Brown, Black. I have varying shades of most colors too, so I can send you your favorite. Also, some custom combinations of colors like camoflauge and red/white/blue are available.

    I can also put together some custom ones with either two or three colors of your choice. (These will be a dollar extra since I'll have to make more and the custom ones cost me more to make)

    They can be shipped anywhere at buyer's expense. For a shipping estimate, let me know how many and where to, and I will find out the amount for you before you decide to buy.

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