Handmade Goats Milk Soap 7 Full Size Bars

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    Jul 4, 2009
    I have 7 Bars of Handmade Goats Milk Soap. If you would like more please Pm me.

    Scents Available:

    1. Jasmine: With or Without Flowers- A heavy white floral that’s not overpowering. A bright oriental feel to it, rather mysterious. This is very popular in many perfume blends.
    2. Lilac: with or without Flowers- Familar scent of Lilac.
    3. Lilly of the Valley- Very true to the flower.
    4.Strawberry: with or without Strawberry seeds-Sweet, refreshing summertime favorite. A juicy, fruity scent that’s not too sweet.
    5. Vanilla- balsamic, vanilla-like, rich, sweet
    6. Coconut- An appetizing blend of sweet vanilla, peach, almond and coconut leaving you feeling splendidly exotic.
    7. Egyptian Musk- This sensual blend is a lovely combination of amber, moss and musk notes.
    8. Cucumber Melon- a wonderful aroma of summer melon. Fresh and juicy cucumber with a background of sweet freshly sliced honeydew melon.
    9. Hibiscus Flower- the beauty and romance of the tropics is captured in this intoxicating medley of bursting hibiscus flower.
    10. Gardenia- as realistic as a beautiful gardenia flower. Gardenia has properties to promote love and peace. The perfect floral fragrance, this Gardenia is very potent.
    11. Southern Magnolia- Bouquet of white flowers reminder of magnolia enhanced by hints of lemon and orange.
    12. Palm Beach Romance- a light, seductive and unforgettable scent. A romantic blend of sophisticated citrus, kissed by a hint of jasmine, peach flower and delicate white ginger wrapped in a warm vanilla musk which carries with it the scent of tropical stillness. Beloved by both men and women. A romantic, mood-warming blend, with mildly aphrodisiac qualities.
    13. Watermelon- Sweet and refreshing. Will remind you of a fresh cut watermelon.
    Plumeria-a B&BW type. Light, beautiful tropical sweet Hawaiian flower.
    14. Lavender: with or without flowers- familiar scent of lavender.
    15. Chocolate Espresso- Enjoy the scent of rich chocolate paired with freshly brewed espresso.
    16. Stress Relief- or as we say in Aromacology . . . the Chill Out candle! This is aromatherapy intervention!
    17. Sweet Pea- A light musk base, with the fresh floral notesof freesia, cyclamen, sweet pea, and light fruit notes of pear and rhubarb.
    18. Rose- Scent of Roses.

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    I can attest that these are excellent soaps from her! I have gotten them several times and absolutely LOVE them. I have gotten from others, too but for the price and lasting ability I love these! Exfoliating strawberry is my favorite so far but I am still trying new fragrances all the time.

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