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    Jan 17, 2008
    Hey guys!

    If you haven't found out, I am quite the crafter. I just lovelovelove crafting! And I especially love designing and making jewelry!

    Here are some of the jewelry items I am selling that I have made. Listed is pictures and prices.

    If interested PM me for the actual buying information.


    A- Aqua Leaf Earrings $4.00
    B-Chain and beads, creamish hoop and red bead $4.00
    C-Green Leaf Earrings $4.00
    D-Chain and Glass droplets, blue and clear $4.00
    E- Multiple discs. Blue and green color scheme $3.00
    F- Chain and beads, black hoop and red bead $4.00
    G-Natural beads. Red leaf and heart $5.00
    H-Hoop and blue glass droplets $5.00
    I- Chain and red glass droplets $4.00
    J- Blue paperclips with blue and silver beads $4.00
    K- Hoop and pink drop beads $5.00
    L- Chain and purple flower sequins $3.00
    M-Chain and red and silver circle sequins $3.00
    N- Chain and yellow, orange, and red circle sequins $4.00
    O- Chain and purple and blue circle sequins $3.00
    P- Wig-A-Ma-Jigged earrings with purple glass droplet beads $4.00
    Q- Chain and red glass droplets $4.00


    ^ Blue, silver, and green glass pendant necklace. $4.00
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    Pretty!!! I don't do danglies, but they are very pretty! [​IMG]
  3. I love them all and I want them all!!! I just need to sell a few more eggs first. [​IMG]

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