Handmade Soaps w/ Goatsmilk, natural and organic ingridients!

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Handmade soaps. Made with natural, organic & quality ingriedients. Many varieties available, & more to come soon! Buy here or visit the website ( http://cranberrycreekfarm.webs.com ). Purchase 3+ 4" bars from the webstore and recieve a free sample size soap!

    Plain, Unscented & Uncolored - With Goatsmilk, Coconut oil, Palm Oil, and Safflower Oil. Kosher. No dyes, or scents added.

    Mint Medley - With goatsmilk, dried organic mint, & finely chopped organic fresh spearmint. No scent or dyes added.

    Orange Energy Burst - With Goatsmilk, Organic Orange Peels & a nice fresh scent. No dyes added.

    Lavender Bouquet - With Goatsmilk, Organic whole lavender buds and Organic Lavender essential oils. No dyes added.

    Unscented Plain Oatmeal - With Goatsmilk & Hand crushed organic oats. No dyes or scents added.

    Sweet Cranberry - With Goatsmilk, Organic cranberry seeds to help exfoliate & a nice sweet berry scent. Colored with iron oxide.

    Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - With Goatsmilk, Fresh organic Whole oats & Organic honey. Natural scent added. No dyes added.

    Orange Ginger root - With Goatsmilk, Ground Ginger and Orange essential oils. No dyes added.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Jam packed with organic olive oil to help moisturize dry/itchy skin!
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