HANDPLUCKED French Angora Wool

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  1. I have one ounce of prime handplucked French Angora wool, plucked on 11/3/09 from my broken agouti buck, Platt's Peter. More coming. Light as a cloud, soft and SILKY, Pete's wool spins up in a beautiful light oatmeal color that is also perfect for dying.
    This wool is gorgeous, free of all vegetable matter, immaculate, no odor, very little gaurd hairs. Great Halo when knit up, a little goes a LONG way if you want to blend it with Alpaca or sheeps Wool.
    Ready to comb or spin it straight from the bag, I often spin this rabbits wool right off of him!
    Average staple length is 3". All of this is grade A from the back area, NO butt, belly, or neck wool.
    Handplucked angora is much prefered over sheared as it contains the entire hairshaft and really affects the yarn in a positive way. Handplucking is time consuming though, so the vast majority of sold angora wool is shorn. Not mine, I am a spinner and knitter first and foremost and I know the difference and will only spin plucked wool.
    Get yours today, more colors from different rabbits coming soon.
    Shipping is already included in BuyItNow price. Pay by paypal, or MO.

    Failed to mention that one oz. of angora fills a gallon ziplock bag. It will be smushed flat for shipping but it's full top to bottom.
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