Handsome Columbian/Millie Fleur Bantam Cochin Cockerel 14 weeks


10 Years
May 11, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio
This adorable little guy, hatched 3 June 2011, has developed beautiful markings. He has Columbian leanings with his pale Mille Fleur speckles. Lovingly handled, he would make a really nice pet or a mate for your bantam flock. He would make an excellent 4-H project bird to develop a beautiful bantam flock. (Roosters are not allowed here otherwise he could stay forever.)

Will drive 50 miles to help him find the right home. (Pick up only -- I am not qualified to ship.) If you are in Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky, we can work out something.)

If you have questions or need further information, please call 513-476-5233 or email Jenny at OldBagNewTricks.com

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