Hang heat lamp high or low in a coop


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Jul 29, 2012
It went down below freezing last night, turned on the 40 watt bulb with shield in the coop. I want to stay with my heat bulb and do not want to make or purchase any items to keep the water above freezing. My question is: Hang the heat source high or low. Ive read some where here, in the Autumn to keep it low in the coop.I had it about 3 ft. off the floor and the water was frozen. Not a big deal, but Id like to know there is water provided for when they wake up. I have a hanging plastic waterer.

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Mar 31, 2008
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If you want them to have water, you will HAVE to make something to get the heat source directly BELOW the waterer.

A bulb won't put out enough heat to keep it above freezing if it's any distance away

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I have a metal hanging waterer, you can purchase a short length of heat cable (the kind that is for wrapping around pipes in a manufactured home) and a thermostat switch unit. It's VERY safe, using heat cable ensures there's no chance of fire. You just wrap the outer shell of the waterer with the cable so that it circles it 3 times and then wrap the entire shell with insulating tape. The thermostat switch unit turns off electricity to the cable when it reaches a certain temp so it saves you money and is an extra safety precaution. You can also manually turn it off with a physical switch.
I've been using this for 3 winters and am VERY happy with it. It's safe inside my wood coop and my girls are always ensured to have liquid water even in the coldest weather.
If you need a picture, I would be happy to upload one.

I do not think that this will work with a plastic waterer, I'd be worried that the plastic will be damaged. A metal waterer would be good investiment.
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