Hanging Turkeys


9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
Does anyone have any experience hanging turkeys? For those unfamiliar............. one would ring the turkey's neck and let it sit at room temp for a week before processing the bird. Some say let the bird hang by its head until it falls off. Thus yielding more tender meat.

I dress them out and let them sit for 4-5 days in a large cooler with ice under them. It helps with the breakdown and makes them taste better,,,,, that's my 2cents
Let me know how that works out for ya.

I couldn't eat that. I do like a nice aged steak, but just looking at a pack of chicken breasts I forgot out on the counter last night ....

And ditto with hanging it with the innards still inside...
Yeah... don't do that... unless you really like puking, or aren't a big fan of living. Get your birds to below 45 degrees within an hour after killing, and don't let them go above it until you cook them. The meat will be plenty tender.
I read about this technique in "The River Cottage Meat Book" by Hugh Fearnley Whitingstall. He has been dead on for everything else I have read from him. But he vaguely mentioned it and I wanted to learn more. Maybe I'll give it a try..............

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