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    Hi everyone. I have a hen that appears to have a dislocated shoulder but nothing else wrong. Her wing is hanging down. She seemed ok yesterday so I planned on building her a low roost since I don't know what to do about it. Today, however, she seemed to be unsteady and when I approached her she got upset and ended up on her back but quickly righted herself. Later she was out and about. No nasal discharge or eye issues; no coughing and I can't imagine why all of a sudden she would have injured herself in the pen. Any ideas or thoughts on this?[​IMG]

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    could be a slipped tendon. if you get the chance I would touch it and see how she reacts, whether there is a clear sign of pain or not. you might be able to make a bandage to help hold it up against her body until it heals. maybe this little bump will help an someone with more experience will chime in
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    Thank you, frosthazard. I will try to bndage it. Do you think I need to "set" it or just place it against her? I appreciate your help

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