Hank's sick= bad teething & CLUMPING CAT LITTER, suggestions?

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  1. So we went to a wedding this weekend in Portland and left Hank with my sisters, parents and my uncle--who all were volunteering to watch him...by the way, Hank is crate-trained. Hank is our 5 month old Australian Cattle Dog.

    So the wedding reception started at 4pm and we got home about 8pm. No one was home. When we got in the house, there was Hank laying on the living room floor--NOT in his crate. I panicked...I had asked he be put in his crate if they had to leave and he was not in there! I looked around for the damage but didn't see anything--which is highly unusual, because he chews on EVERYTHING!

    Anyway, it turns out everyone else went out for pizza for about 2 hours and decided Hank would be okay (oh and that crates are cruel) so they left him out.

    Hank seemed very subdued (again, not like him--but we chalked it up to being guilty of something that we hadn't discovered yet).

    The next morning, he didn't poop and seemed stiff/sore when he went to get up. My dad had taken Hank & his dog, Bailey to the dog park Saturday morning--so we thought maybe he was a little sore from that...he didn't finish his dinner the night before, also not like him. But he wanted to drink a lot of water.

    So by the time we went to leave Sunday afternoon--Hank was in trouble. He refused to walk and once we physically lifted him off the ground, he could stagger and walk very stiffly. We took turns walking him (like a colicky horse) that night until 4am. No poop.

    We got home and I called the vet and left a message. The secretary called me back the next morning at 7:30am and said that Dan (my vet) is on vacation and wouldn't be back for a week from Tuesday. She gave me the name of another vet. I called him and he was booked solid for two days. Hank was VERY lethargic, not eating, and now was crying when Zach picked him up to make him walk.

    After calling a few more places, we found a vet up in Tonasket (about an hour or so from our house).

    We took Hank up there and they did a complete physical--weighed him (33.4lbs), checked his temp (which was high) palpated his stomach and he cried! The vet drew blood and that came back with high white cells & low platelets (infection & anemic). Then they x-rayed and his entire large & small intestine were packed with poop. The vet could not tell if there was an obstruction because of the poop. He asked what Hank could have gotten into...so I made a list:

    Parents' house:
    Cat food (auto feeder was empty when we got back to my parents' house)
    Cat litter (Hank kept sneaking downstairs to eat out of the litter box, so I was told)
    Cat toy (my sister's cat was missing her favorite toy after Hank left)
    Bones (parents gave him a rawhide chip thing that disappeared)

    At my house:
    Horse hair (I trimmed my horses' manes & tails earlier that week)
    Horse hooves (farrier was up earlier that week, too)
    Sprinklers (Hank ate my drip line that runs around the house to the roses)
    Dead weasel (Zach buried it TWICE and Hank dug it up and ate it)

    That is just a short list, too!

    So the vet gave him a vitamin K shot and a tetracycline shot. He said to get him Pedialyte and milk of magnesia. He sent us home with oxytetracycline and vitamin K pills. Later that afternoon he pooped and it was ROCK hard and like goat poop. We "examined" it and thought it looked like cat litter!

    The next morning, I gave him his medicine and the diarrhea started--but only like a tiny bit...twice. Then I called back the vet and told him about the cat litter looking poop...he said no more food, just lots of water & pedialyte and yogurt. So we did that Tuesday.

    This morning, I gave him his medicine and Hank was way worse. Zach left for a back-packing trip so I came home on my lunch break and had to carry Hank outside...I called the vet and the same one we saw earlier wasn't working that day and the other vet needed to look at the file and would call me back...so I waited and waited and finally had to go back to work (Hank didn't want to poop, peed a tiny bit and didn't want any more yogurt)...

    At work, the vet called me back and wanted me to bring Hank back in--so I told my boss I was leaving and drove back home, got Hank and drove back to Tonasket. This different vet was VERY serious and weighed Hank again. He'd lost THREE pounds! He did his temp (still high) and really palpated everything. He looked at the x-rays and gave Hank a treat--which he couldn't seem to chew. He told me to put him on this special food and that if no food is going in, nothing is going to come out! He also said that he didn't "like" that Hank still was feverish--so he prescribed stronger antibiotics.

    I made it home and gave Hank his new pills and his dinner. I didn't give him too much because I didn't want him to throw up...he ate all of it and then we went on a walk and he POOPED! I've never been so excited to see dog turds in my life! LOL

    Anyway, so I'm back at the house and I'm throwing the Chuck-It for Cash (he's been feeling jealous & neglected since Hank got sick) and I threw the ball for Hank. He makes a feeble attempt at trotting towards it and then get there and tries several times to open his mouth to get the ball. He then lies down next to it and looks at me. I decide to look in his mouth (I know his teeth are coming in--molars). He SCREAMS, drops on the ground and goes fetal. I gently look again and he's whining. His mouth is all bloody with sharp teeth poking out of gums everywhere!

    So now I'm wondering if this whole thing is because of the teething and him not eating his normal food well and only cat food--and litter if that made him plug up? I'm not sure if the teething would make him get infected--but it could...I mean he eats all kinds of farm animal poop and he got into the litter box...and the anemia--maybe from bloody gums?
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    wow... after I finished [​IMG] ing the people who were supposed to be caring for Hank, (actually, scratch that -- I don't think I'd ever finish that job...) ok, so maybe try very soft food (maybe canned or semi-soft) for a few days until the gums have time to heal a bit. Poor guy has really been through the mill. [​IMG]
  3. Yeah...the food I bought is both canned & dry. He's been licking on ice cubes, too...I just feel bad for the pain!
  4. When I looked in his mouth, his gums are fire engine red, bloody and there are sharp molars all over the place!
  5. Quote:LOL Yeah but we are the ones that brought the puppy to THEIR house and my sister was in tears and feels terrible...she's called five times in two days to check on him.
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    Cattle Dog that isn't active is a sure sign there is something wrong. I don't think it's all got to do with teething. Cattle Dogs can be very stoic and refuse to show pain, especially to someone who isn't part of their family. (My old girl torn her ACL, but didn't wimper one sound when my vet manipulate her knee, just stared him down)

    Give him some ice cubes to chew on. Semi soft food and lots and lots of water. You can deal with the runs after you get whatever he's got in his system out. Antibiotics will give him the runs too. Mix some canned food in with some oatmeal.

    After you are done with the Antibiotics, afadophilis (sp?) and yogurt will help get Hanks system back in running order.

    What is it about the crate that folks don't like?? My dog rides in a crate in my truck!!
  7. Quote:Thank you! I also found some electrolyte & vitamin dog popsicles that he really likes...

    I'm not sure about the crate thing...I grew up with dogs and we never crated them--the lady I bought my Borzoi from introduced us to that and it's been great--Brodee and Hank are both crate trained.
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    All our dogs are crate trained as puppies. As long as the crate isn't to small, dont feel like a bad puppy mom. Poor Hank, give him extra hugs. I wonder if canned pumpkin would help him get rid of all the poop still in him.
  9. Quote:Oh I did try that and nope...it seemed to bind him up even more...
  10. Update--

    HE POOPED!!! [​IMG] I've never been so happy to see dog poop in my life! [​IMG] It was formed, too and a pretty big pile! [​IMG]

    His mouth is still really sore but I stocked up on lots of canned food and I've been mixing it with moistened dry dog food. So we'll see...I stayed home from work this morning to make sure he got his meds, ate & pooped....he didn't drink much though....

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