Happy Accidents ~ Anyone got a good story?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by 2mnypets, Jun 16, 2007.

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    Apr 11, 2007
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    Leave it to me to think of some crazy topics, but I thought this one might just be interesting. Since my last order ended up being a happy accident, I thought perhaps others would like to share as well. My newest additions are now 2 weeks old and growing so fast I can hardly stand it. When we had put the order in to Ideal we had ordered in a series of 5 the following breeds: Assorted Cochins, White Crested Black Polish, Spitzhauben, Salmon Fav's & Assorted Feathered Leg's. This is what we ended up with. Five each of Ameraucauna's, Assorted Crested Polish, Spitzhauben's, Salmon Fav's and 2 each of the Black Langshan's and Light Brahma's. Natalie who died on their first day home was also a Brahma. Although we didn't receive any Cochins or the completely WCBP, we are thrilled with our babies.

    My oldest daughter who is 14 has been redeemed. She absolutely hated the first 3 sets of chicks that we got. They were more of the typical backyard layers on the farm. They'd flog her legs and chase her around. They knew she was deathly afraid of them. The 24 babies this time though are gentle, loving and inquisitive. My oldest girl now just sticks her hand in the brooder and let's them jump and peck at the few freckles she has on her arm. I hear her laugh and naming every last one of them. Her favorite one is Daisy who is a Salmon Fav. pullet. She's easy to spot for the darker feathers coming in on her right leg. She's been some great therapy for an otherwise "I HATE CHICKENS" 14 YEAR OLD ATTITUDE. Sounds crazy I know, but it has brought peace back to this family. Our human family of 5 now all work together to feed and care for our feathered members of our family. Would love to hear your stories. Have a great day everyone.
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    Well....I dont know if this counts....but here goes.

    A few weeks ago..I was at the feed store and was "just looking" at the baby chicks. There was a young boy working there feeding and cleaning the cages. I saw him pick up a baby by the leg. She was lifeless, and wet...he was ready to throw her in the trash. I asked if I could have her...she was still breathing. He looked at me like I was crazy and said...yeah, I guess! So, I take her and a baby turkey that was in the same condition and free....home. All the way home ( about a 45 min drive in 80 degree temps) I had my heater on, and was trying to warm the babies in front of the vent. The little turkey didnt make it. [​IMG] The little chickey...labeled " red sex link" . She turned out to be a white Aracuana, green legs, and ONE little gold feather in her wing. She is now named Gold Finger. [​IMG]
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    That is a great accident...
    I think I would've slapped the kid raw, Deb.
    Penny was sort of my happy accident...I wasn't ever going to get another chicken. But she was in a cage with 3 others and she was getting all stomped on and I couldn't let her be smashed flat. So MissTenderHeartWitch had to take her home.[​IMG] DH be darn.

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