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    She/he hatched very quickly at 8:01pm, 5min after I sent my previous post! I kept talking to it in a high pitched tone like a peeping tone and it was peeping at me back and I kept saying "Come on baby, come on baby" and POP it poked out!

    My boys and I got to view the entire thing!! I knew 14 was very anxious to get out Wednesday night before lock down yesterday! Here is the new baby!!

    Welcome To The World 1/2 pint! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! [​IMG]

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    I agree with what Sonew said though about posting all on one thread - you're all over the place and it makes it hard for us to follow. If you post something new it will pop up to the top and we'll look to see what happened. Or you can add to your heading.

    Anyway - I'm so happy to see your little duck - It's beautiful!

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