Happy Easter.


12 Years
Mar 3, 2007
4 hours from Sydney Australia
I hope you all have a beautiful peaceful Easter.
Chocolate releases endorphins and is good for you!!!!
So eat up, drink lots and stay safe and well.

Hugs to all of my SPECIAL friends over there!!!!!
Will you lot stop changing your names, i like the old ones better, if you dont i will change my name to baabaabantybunnybunsmum!! youve been told.
That is all!
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We will have a house full....again! Seems this is THE place for ALL holiday get togethers. I dont mind so much, everyone helps out by bringing a covered dish of some sort....or drinks, paper plates...whatever.
I am planning a big ham...everyone else has to bring the side dishes. We are thinking....probably.. 10 to 15 for dinner, and basket hunts. I make the baskets, then make little "poems" Each get the first poem, like.... "Happy Easter, time for fun, looking for your basket will make you run. Now go and look, where we lay our heads, carefull tho, dont break an egg. " Then on the pillow might be another poem.. " Its not here, so you can see, searching for your Easter treat? Try the closet down the hall, look around, this treats not small"
I might make them run up and down the stairs a few times....before they get thier baskets. Its a LOT of fun...and a family tradition. Be creative...have fun, and be SAFE everyone!!

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