In the Brooder
5 Years
Mar 26, 2014
Hello chicken lovers. I just wanted to wish every one a happy Easter.While I was feeding my animals this morning, I was pondering what the real reason for this day is meant for me. I bless this day because of his RESURRECTION. For example, We had to put down one of our special dogs this week. He would have been 18 years young this Sept. A couple of days after I buried him we had a thunder storm.My dog would come unglued
when it stormed.My wife was praying, and in her prayer she prayed to JESUS, to hold him like we would do,hold hlm so the storm would not scare him. A strong voice came back to her saying there is no fear her in heaven.When we pray, and believe in our prayers, they don't fall on deaf ears. And because of this JESUS is alive today, Like he was alive 2,000 years ago.This is why we celebrate EASTER. HAPPY EASTER, and GOD BLESS Mark & Donna
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