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    Okay, this is my first setting of shipped eggs. I have some I ordered and I set some a friend ordered. Many of mine have loose air cells despite my sellers egg-celent packing job. My friend got yolked! her eggs came in covered in white and yolk from their broken neighbors :( I am pretty nervous about them developing and actually hatching and am looking for inspiration. Soooo . . . . . What were the crazy eggs you got that you really wanted to hatch?[​IMG] and that hatched despite all odds!!! [​IMG] Those that had hairline cracks that you glued, or that was so dirty [​IMG] you thought it would blow up but instead a chick came out- or the loose air cell that made you think of those squishy water toys but did finally develop- or those expensive shipped eggs that the incubator almost fried but somehow a couple pulled thru!

    Tell me your edge of the seat eggs stories that had a happy ending![​IMG]

    BTW, thanks for the inspiration :)[​IMG]
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    No one? C'mon guys. Well, i just set a shipment of eggs. Most had loose air cells, and while I really didn't expect them to develop, two that were loose cells are forming embryos. hopefully they will hatch out!

    But really, I wanted YOUR stories. Haven't hatched that much, so I don't have many of my own.
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    just hatched shipped eggs, all arrived packed perfectly, as always they have loose air cells from cargo plane pressure...let them sit absolulty still upright in turner for 7 days to heal air cells . ran humidity around 30 % ..I up it a little if eggs a little pourous they tend to dry down fast..so watch air cells..out of shipment, 15 were fertile, 12 hatched, three failed to pip ..so overall a happy story..

    just wash warm water the ones with egg on them ..some people use candle wax on slight cracks.and have had success.
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