happy ending new Yorkie puppies


11 Years
Feb 12, 2008
Centerville Texas
A friend breed her female Yorkie to my little Yorkie Well today really this morning at 1;30 started the beginning of birthing day. Zoe had 2 male puppies no trouble. we know from x rays there was one more left. After 1 1/2 hours of pushing and no puppy it was off to the vet after a c section we got the last little pup, a girl, vet didn't think she would make it. BUT she fooled us All. You can't tell her from the others now. She has been named Special for now
Just wanted to share our happy news. No pictures they just looked like little black blobs on the picture

This Georgie the Daddy
tats kool my dog had pups this morning as a tornadeo was goin through town she had three also 2 male 1 female all is calm now and no one was hurt my dog is a chihauhua
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That sounds great. My family are yorksire terrier breeders. We have a little due this week, just went in for x-rays this morning. Our girl has 5 bitties in here and is about ready to pop.

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I have a male Yorkie and i think he is almost perfect, but let me say something about i would like to breed him and boy do i get feedback, about there is already to many dogs here to breed just because i would like to have one of his pups.SoI just love J. R. and hope he lives another 5 years.

So glad your are doing great.
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