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Jun 7, 2010
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New poster with a happy ending to what should have been a dead duck story.

Wife picked up two Blue Swedish ducklings and two Americana chicks last month. I haven't had ducks or chickens since I was a kid. During the day they were / are allowed out in an outside chicken wire covered pen on the ground so the chicks could scratch and the ducklings could swim. We checked on them frequently until the day we went to pickup some supplies. That was two weeks ago. We were gone about two hours. First thing we did when we got home was check on them. My wife gave out a moan and said oh my god.

One of the ducklings, our favorite (isn’t that always the way) was in serious trouble. His top bill had been broken and the bone was out from under the skin and it appeared that half of its cheek was missing. I knew immediately that a cat had tried to drag it through the wire.

My heart fell as I told my wife I thought the only thing to do was dispatch the poor little feller. She took it into the house crying and cuddling it. A little while later I went in and told her to call to see if our vet was in. He's a dog and cat vet but he’s very good and very compassionate. She said she had already left a message for him to call. I told her, since you know he's in don’t wait just go.

He looked at Squeaks and said he though it should be put down, BUT if my wife wanted he’d see what he could do. It would run about $60.00. Of course she said try fix it. He did! He called her about an hour later and said Squeaks was drinking and look pretty good. Within two days Squeaks was back to his / her young self. Only reminder is a couple of tiny scars and a slight overbite.

Cat came back about three days after we brought Squeaks home. He won’t be bothering anyone anymore.
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