Happy girls


8 Years
Aug 13, 2011
Dallas, OR
So, under complete protest from my son, hubby called the boy worse then a "mother hen" I have started letting my girls out to "free range" in the yard on the weekend while being supervised. They are so cute and happy with this decision. It's like kids in a candy store. I also found out that the girls are very good at helping pull the leaves and brush out from in hard to reach areas. Tonight I let them stay out until dusk with hopes that they would all go to the coop when the time was right. Watching from the window the girls slowly started their way to the coop one by one except for one of them. I'm not sure but I don't know if she knew where to get back in at. She keep going to the door I go thru to lock them up. Well eventlly I couldn't handle watching her peck and peck at the door so I gave in and went out to open the door for her. I do believe she was a bit relieved to get the door opened.
My older kids thought it was really funny when I went outside at one point and all of the girls ran up to me. They only love me for the treats I bring them, lol.


9 Years
Dec 2, 2010
They will get better at it. Once, when I first let one of my coops of chickens free range, they all got on the wrong side of the door at dusk and settled in for the night. I had to go down and put them all in the coop. I used a flashlight and they all flew up to their roosts. I too, despite the dangers, think it is good to let your chickens free range.

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