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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Beckymca, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Beckymca

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Hello again! I'm very new to chickens and I've found lots of great info from your site!!!

    I recently aquired 6 adult hens, all had been over used by a rooster, that's the nicest way to say they were a little beat up. They had stopped laying the I got them for free. I also took home 14 hatchlings, all are doing great! I was excited to get 3 eggs 2 days after my hens arrival. I've fenced in a 15x20 area out behind the coop and I'm now getting 5 eggs day! Today I had 6 beautiful eggs. I'm assuming that measn I have some happy hens. The little ones are soooooo fun to watch and growing fast. Thanks for letting me share and pointing me and my chicks in the right direction!!!!!
  2. verity

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    Sep 8, 2008
    Good for you for taking the hens -- they are re-paying your kindness with the eggs --- enjoy!
  3. chickee

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    What a nice story!! [​IMG] You do have VERY happy and grateful hens I'm sure! Keep up the good work![​IMG]
  4. chick4chicks

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    Apr 6, 2008
    N.E. Pa.
    [​IMG] and [​IMG], That is great to hear your hens are laying eggs for you. The little ones are so much fun and entertaining. Enjoy your chicks and chickens. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Beckymca

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Thanks everyone! I'm really enjoying them and trying to learn all I can. I do have a ? tho. At what age can you start to tell hens from roosters? I have 14 hatchlings ranging in age from 2 weeks to 2 months. Is it the comb I look at or will the tiny spurs show up? Sorry but I really am brand new at this, lol.... I tried to find more info but didn't see a lot of info on sexing them, other than wait and see, lol!!!!!
  6. MCCmomof3

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    Jun 18, 2010
    Yay 4 you! Welcome! [​IMG]
  7. b.hromada

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    Great of you to take in some needy hens! [​IMG] [​IMG] from S. Florida! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]
  8. chickee

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    Quote:The combs on the rooster chicks will look wider and their combs and wattles will be larger and red. The pullets combs are thinner/smaller and tan colored with the wattles tan and very small. Look at my Avatar~this is a 5 week old pullet. [​IMG]
    Here is a picture of my BLRW chicks at almost 8 weeks old for comparison. Rooster on left~ Pullet on right.
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  9. Beckymca

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Geez, I'm pretty sure at least 2 are roosters, of the 3 oldest. Darn, I like my hens, lol...

    One of my rescued horses is returning to her orginal owner tomorrow, after 5 years here with me. So on Monday I'm moving the 14 chicks into a much larger area, they need it now. When I do, I will try to get some pictures, that may help. I'm thinking if I can id any of the roos, whom I think are showing aggressive behavior all ready at 8 -9 weeks then I'll seperate them. Luckily I can return them, the hatchlings came from a different place then the hens. I had only planned on the hatchlings, but was asked if I wanted any hens from another. I'm so glad I took them too. They are kind, somewhat friendly and making wonderful eggs for me!

    It was suggested to me to give the chicks and hens vitamins and electrolytes in the water as they were either young or somewhat beat up. We in Maine are having a heat wave, lol. I've been giving them one waterer with only water and one with the vitamins, 1/8 tsp per gallon of water. I was also told the organic growers use this and it is not considered medication. Anyone else use this? It was so cheap, like $4 for a packet and it must make 1000 gallons of water. I guess my real question is, is it okay to keep giving it to them? Should I stop now that they are doing better? The heat is not over yet and they seem to like it. I don't mind giving it to them forever, just wondering if it is not a good idea to keep them on it long term, but I really can't see why it would be bad, it's just vitamins and electolytes.

    Thanks again all!!!!!

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