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    Jun 21, 2011
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    I was a little behind schedule (I go to bed at 0330 easier than I get up at that hour), but I got the meat birds over to the butcher's for chicken Monday.

    Good, clean efficient operation, a good crew, and a coffee shop atmosphere amongst the folks lined up to get in. Those aren't the happy girls, though they do have a bit of a rosy glow about them now that the feathers are off.

    The really happy ones are the layer chicks who are havin' just a grand time explorin', now that they have the run of the whole coop. So much so that I'm not sure just how much ecstasy they can handle all at once. I'm thinkin' I'll need to be careful about lettin' 'em out into their run when it's up and secure (as it can be) next weekend. [​IMG]

    Somewhere along the line I missed the advice about not havin' your chicks delivered before your coop is up, and I had to partition off the pullet palace to accommodate both until today. Plan for future batches is an extraordinarily roomy, oversize doghouse sort of affair for the meatbirds. They'll be strictly a warm weather affair, a couple of clutches each year, so it won't need wiring for light or keepin' the water thawed. Design, apart from the usual considerations for their health, will include easy access for cleaning. Their side of the coop seemed to require a lot of that. Lessons learned . . . [​IMG]

    As for the layers, I cleaned out the last of the meatbirds' litter and put them over to the the fresh shavings on that side while I cleaned out their own less considerable mess. Took brief advantage of not havin' them underfoot to raise their feeder and waterer another few inches.

    Lemme tell ya, a whole new world was opened up to them when I took down the plywood and chicken wire partition. I'm thinkin' of buildin somethin' similar, about the same size if the mother-in-law decides she wants to move up with us. Probably would insulate hers, and maybe an extra outlet for her electric blanket and TV, but otherwise . . .
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    hehe RE: mother in law!! That was a good chuckle!

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