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    Apr 27, 2009
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    Happy mom day ladies .:bowTo all you moms the day is here to finally recongize us for all that we do.Moms are so often taken advantage of.Not really appreciated for all that we do but on this day our kids and husbands reach out to us to tell us they care.Our jobs are by far the hardest ours does not end after 8 hours nor does our work week ever sedue.We keep our heads high hearts warm and cooking pans full.We give 100% of ourselves to our children and loved ones.We don't complain when we are sick nor do we give up when are days are bad.We wake up first before the sun rises making sure the coffee is brewing and breakfast is hot and we go to bed last when that last load of laundry is finally folded nice and neat.We never really knew how hard the job was till it became our own.With are hands wrinkly from the dish water,hair gray from the stress,throats sore from the yelling(at lest mine usually is)and feet tired from standing and chasing the little ones all day:th.I tip my hat to all of you ladies for we have the hardest,yet most rewarding jobs of them all.So hers to you the lady with the broom who always knows just what to say whos kisses have a magical healing power,and can fix anything with a soothing voice.HAPPY MOTHERS DAY and may it be a great one cause you deserve it.
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    I have a good friend who was born on Mother's Day... and her mother died giving birth to her.

    She always remembers the mother she never knew each birthday/mother's day.
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    Apr 19, 2009
    Thanks for the Happy Mothers Day, that was very thoughtful. [​IMG] Have a great one everybody.

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