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    BYC, Happy New Year....... I hope that you will all be blessed beyond your wildest hopes and that you will have a most Happy New Year and enjoy life in both its simple and complex moments. You have all meant so much to me and I cannot begin to mention all the names of friends here or the different ways you have helped me/my husband or the farm, or I would might leave someone out. Just let me give a big [​IMG] to each of you.

    I have so enjoyed BYC and look forward to 2010... Well, it's late in Georgia and I must call it in a few....

    Speaking of "simple moments".....Can I digress here and tell you about some of our farm friends we made today....A lovely gentleman came out from Atlanta to buy some Rhode Island Red Laying hens and pets and his 2 little girls just kept asking to see the eggs...Well with 300 plus chickens, we had some to see but Dad was ready to go and the children just wanted to play on the farm... These girls wanted to literally hold every egg in the boxes.....They were totally transfixed by the turkey pens and watching about 50 turkeys roam in their giant new winter over area........ Anyway as they prepared to leave, the youngest child kept carrying around my smallest cat - Nancy Jo...by hugging it under front legs and the sweet kitty just let her do that.....with the two hind legs kinda just hanging there. It is such a patient kitty.

    So as they were in process of packing up, the little girl - age 4 ......followed me and said in her most growny up voice "We'd like to buy this kitty now".....Well, I was struggling to tell them that this was my special kitty and I couldn't sell her when both girls got those big about to lose it and cry tears..Luckily I didn't loose my favorite kitty as Daddy was allergic. to cats and he intervened with reminding him about that....Well after all the hugging of Nancy Jo, I bet he must have really sneezed his way back to Atlanta.... That and the girls were both crying because they didn't want to leave their farm..... I finally told them that if they would quit crying and Dad brought them back, I'd have a special surprise. and yeah the tears stopped.....It's these times I put in my treasure of memories to see me through the chores of the full time farm..... Something about the visitors really enjoying the farm and critters and never wanting to leave that has me holding back happy tears and saying,,,,,,mmmmmm Thank you Lord for the simple moments....

    Well Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
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    Hey, Bargain, fancy meeting YOU here.... [​IMG]

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