Happy new years! *raises glass*


10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
Rigby, Idaho
happy new years to all my BYC family! for the first time in many years i am really bringing the new years in with a few adult beverages.. Shashwatacres and i have already had a shot of patron and a mud slide... time for a all niter, with movies and games!

anyone wanna join? lol
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no worries, we are home and not going anywhere!
Happy New Year!
Hope you have a good new year. I sure am not ready for the black eyed peas though. I don't like them unless they are made a specific way. YUCK I remember my step mom forcing canned black eyed peas down my throat.
I am glad I am finally away from that family though. I don't know what my resolutions are going to be. I might just hatch more chickens, add another coop, build another incubator, convince someone to get chickens, because they are such awesome pets, and hatch some more chickens.

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