Happy Peruzinho (Baby Turkey in Portuguese)


11 Years
Sep 4, 2008
Rio Maria,Para',Brazil
We had 3 turkey's hatch 6 weeks ago, Mom did not take care of them well, 1 died after 3 days, so we brought the 2 in and put a naked neck chick in with them and they were doing fine , two weeks ago we put them in the brood pen in one section of the coop. 2 days ago the female got sluggish and died. So now we have one , I think a male ( he is already struting) with the chick but has been a little sluggish too , when I let him out for a short run , he goes right to the Tom and hangs with him. So yesterday we put the other 5 chicks( the mother was trying to seperate them) in with him and the last two days he is real perky and eating and drinking well again.I Guess as I read here it is good to raise baby chicks with the baby turkeys!!! I am going to incubate the next batch of eggs and will put in 6 or7 chicken eggs after the first 7 days.

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