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Yogi Hollow Farm

Sep 20, 2020
Hi everyone,

We are new here. We are new to chickens this year although my husband has had farm animals before. We started with 12 chicks on 5/1/2020. Right now we have 11 layers and 16 meat birds.

We have 4 white leghorns, 4 RI Reds and 3 Golden Comets for laying and 16 Red Rangers for meat.

We are enjoying the fresh eggs and are looking forward to they fresh meat chickens (I.e. raising our own food!). We really enjoy watching the layers free range the personalities they are developing.

We have been drawn to the homestead life for some time now because it is simpler. But didn’t have adequate land. Now that we have some land and had coops and other buildings on the property we bought in January 2020, covid 19 pushed us to get going!

My husband and I moved to SD from NC for work opportunities. Since that time we have been enjoying time exploring nature and building our homestead. We also have an Olde English Bulldogge.

We have been googling and researching about chickens and BYC posts have been super helpful. So we are having a current egg issue that we figured we would put out there for some feedback because we are stumped! So we posted that in a separate thread.
Thanks everyone! We look forward to being a part of this community!

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