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My daughter & I stumbled on this website this morning!! We were looking for some inexpensive, preferably homemade!!, nesting box ideas. We found a really neat set up using recycled materials. The name was birdseyeview. They had great pictures & some really neat ideas for "yard enhancements"! We live in Prospect Hill, NC & we are getting started keeping chickens. We have lots of land & I have wanted chickens for some time now. My husband finally gave in!! We also used "recycling"! We had an outhouse that we built for birthday parties, family get-togethers and other events. We no longer have as many parties, so the outhouse was moved & turned into my garden tool & supplies shed. Now, it is the chicken coop! Yes, I will add pics soon! I stay home & homeschool our 3 kids so, saving money is a must!! We did buy the fencing, but we had left over t-posts from our horse pasture. So, this website is such a blessing & a wonderful resource! I will be letting my other chicken friends know about this site. I am still learning. I did some research, & asked friends lots of questions, but there are things that you only learn from experience!! My daughter is 8, my 2 sons are 9 & 11. A friend of ours gave us our first 5 chickens. 1 grown hen & 1 rooster. The other 3 were chicks & we are not really sure about their sex. We were told hens, but we are starting to question! I have seen a few tips on how to tell, so we will try those & see. We LOVE them!! The rooster is my husbands, his name is Lord Lippy! The name was a name I called him during an argument years ago!! We started laughing so hard that the fight ended & it has been a joke ever since! The first morning with the rooster he was "fussing" as my kids call it & Mark, my husband says, "hes letting it rip"! So, anyway, he crows whenever I guess he feels lik5e it I guess. Some evenings, in the middle of the night, 3 am-9am, just anytime he wants it seems. I always heard it they crowed in the morning at dawn! One time he crowed in the middle of the day, but we had 2 of the other chicks out playing with them. He got quiet when we put them back in the coop with him.
Elizabeth, our daughter, is super happy to have them. She loves all animals & we call her Ellie May Clampett!! She will go in & spend an hour at a time with them. She will get hers out & walk around the yard holding hers, named Precious, talking, singing & digging up worms for treats for them!! Super cute! We do intend of raising chickens for meat as well, but it won't be any we have now of course. They all have names & are family members!! Anyway, I have rambled enough & Elizabeth wants to look at the pictures of the different breeds & make her want list! Here are pics before we got the chickens. We have since made several modifications!!

We now use pine shavings instead of hay & have the sections separated.Using the horses hay was too expensive. We will also be adding more boxes as needed. We plan the fence taller & enclosed & bigger. We have seen hawks recently!! We are having fun learning as we go. They are such a great addition to our family!!

I love my chickens- Elizabeth Hill
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Welcome to BYC!

Yes, anything will work as a coop. Chickens are not picky! Make sure to cut ventilation holes in the roof to let the moisture out from all the breathing and pooping.

Enjoy all your poultry adventures! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Welcome to our flock!


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Roosters are very loud, but they are so cool! I wish I could have one in my neighborhood. Anyways, cool coop design. Might want to add to the run fence in the future, as virtually any and all predators can get past it. Also, you may want to elevate the nesting boxes, as chickens prefer to lay higher for safety reasons, however they work on the floor too. I don't really know of anybody who has had a problem with nesting boxes on the floor. It is just more common to have them on the ground. I also didn't see a roost bar in the pictures. They'll need a roost to sleep on, so just be sure to nail a 2 x 4 across the coop that is 3-4 feet off the ground.

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