Happy with Ideal poultry


Sep 17, 2012
Kingston, TN
Ordered 7 hens knowing the odds we'd probably end up with a roo in the bunch. One of the reds did turn roo on us and he was given away along with the 11 silver laced wyandotte roo packing peanuts.They are now 9 weeks old and doing very well. They were moved into the coup at 6 weeks and have the run of the back yard several times a week. They are eating machines! Collard greens seem to be their favorite along with some clover I planted before we got them. It gets mowed down so fast it can't recover.



In the Brooder
7 Years
Sep 23, 2012
Your pullets look great! Most of our pullets are from Ideal and they are thriving and beautiful. The first 7 are now laying really nice eggs., have 5 more that about to lay, and lo and behold, I just had to go pick up nine more Ideal birds from the feed store..one of which I am suspecting is a roo ( one of the two salmon faverolle). My nine other chickens are my first attempts at hatching eggs. Never wanted chickens before last spring. Now it's chicken math! And I can't seem to stop.But, to me...ideal birds are as pretty as any.

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