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    Jan 5, 2008
    Campo, CA
    I have a 1 week old chick that was hatched with a splayed leg. I splinted it and he is better. But last night, he looked like quasimodo, only the hump is at the top left front of his chest.
    The lump is really hard. I separated him and gave him a few drops of olive oil and water and have been massaging it. He has pooped a little (gray clay like substance). The lump has not gone down and is very hard. I will try yogurt and apple cider vinegar.
    I am worried because the lump is so hard. What else should I do?
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    Do the oil and water thing again. Massage the lump and try to hold him upside down and get it out his beak. Make him puke it up iff he can. Oil and warm water, massage, puke. Do it til the lump is down a lot or nice and soft.........Pop

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