Hard time forcefeeding olive oil - impacted crop

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    Jul 5, 2007
    One of my hens hasn't been looking well and I've just figured out its an impacted crop. I've been massaging it around after giving her some yogurt, but it isn't breaking it up or moving it along. I can't for the life of me get her beak open to get some oil in. I've soaked some small pieces of bread with oil, but she won't touch that either. I tried mixing the bread in with the yogurt, but she's also too smart for that. So what is the trick here? This isn't a really tame hen, but in her weakened state she will let me hold her. Her poop is watery with green streaks so I know she's not been eating much.

    If I can't get the oil in, is there anything else I can do? Will the massaging help by itself? I've read so many old posts on here its all starting to run together. It feels like maybe there is a small ball of hay in there. The impact is about the size of a silver dollar. I really don't want to lose this lady.

    Thanks for help in advance. -Annie
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    Hey Annie,

    I had the same fights. Try and stick your finger nail in on the side of her head, where the beak starts or right at the front, between the upper and lower beak. That usually gave me something to pry the beak open. If the mass doesnÂ’t pass or fall apart you may have to surgically remove it.
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    With an eye dropper, I just put drops on the beak and they will usually drink it. If that doesn't work, you can pull on her wattles until she opens her mouth, drop some oil in her mouth then let her close her mouth so she can drink it. For impacted crop, make sure you do this several times a day. Oil and massage. No food for 24 hrs. only water with ACV 1 TBS. per gal of water. 2nd day start on soft foods. I gave mine scramble eggs mixed with a little yogurt or buttermilk. Mushy oatmeal is good also. My hen was back to normal after 3 days. Make sure you have her separated, and always check her crop in the morning. That's when it's empty since they don't eat at night.
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    Yup, just pull down gently on her wattles. Her beak will open. Take care not to go too fast with the oil as thier airway is in the bottom of thier mouths at the back. Very easy for them to aspirate.

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