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    My 4 year old Rhode Island Red seems to have some trouble breathing. When she breathes, you can hear a whistling/wheezing sound. She also 'yawns' a lot and opens her mouth while pushing her neck forward. When she sleeps, you can see her inhale and exhale in an uncomfortable manor. She is currently an indoor chicken, (she is the only chicken left when our flock was attacked) and I don't think it is normal for an indoor chicken to breathe like this. What is wrong with her? How can I help her?
    *Update* she keeps letting out a low screeching sound :( i dont know whats wrong please help!
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    Quarantine sick birds away from well birds. Take care of all other animals then take care of sick. Wash clothes and shower after handling sick birds. Use different shoes if possible.
    VetRx for chickens. One drop in each eye. Then turn it on its back and open its mouth. Drop several drops in the v shaped area in roof of mouth. Puffit is a brand name for a topical sulfa antibiotic. VetRx is like Vicks vapor rub for humans. But its oily and keeps the sulfa on the skin where it can be absorbed in skin. Massage comb and wattles. This is the start...
    Go to animalrevival.com. purchase oxine in gallon. You do not need activator. I get 4 gallons at a time because shipping only goes up couple dollars. Also purchase Sulfadimethoxine. As a powder it is $10-$12. As liquid it is $40. both are usually available in feed store. Mix 1 packet in half gallon water. Measure out 2 tablespoons mixture per gallon of drinking water as sole source water. This is an antibiotic so start sprinkling probiotic powder on food each day to repopulate gut with digestive microbes.
    Get a cheap warm mist vaporizer. Put 7.5 oz Oxine per gallon of water. Put sick birds in cage above in the path of the steam. They need to breath the mist to get the medication into lungs. Treat chickens with no symptoms with 2 tablespoons Oxine per gallon drinking water. Watch well birds for any symptom. This is like a cold in preschool. If one gets it they will all get it.
    I'm beginning to think this may be spread by wild birds. Because I hear about a case almost every week. Tell me if your sick one has cold feet. That's the oddest symptom I've ever noticed.
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    Separate from other chickens

    Microplasma S. (Google it)
    Treat with Ty Ian Powder
    1/2 tsp. per gallon water
    Give Probiotics during and 5 days after

    Infected by wild birds

    If this doesn't work, have tested for Micro plasma G.

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