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A friend of mine gave me a male button quail recently. He spent his first two days calling for his ex-cage mates, and since then he's calmed a lot. He still calls though.

I've been having a terrible time finding him a hen or two! I'm in Beaverton, OR - and the nearest breeder is almost an hour away. Money's tight, so I can't make that run. I've talked to Stellar Gamebirds, and she's got some hatching (soon?) but that's still a month or more away.

Is there anything I can do to make it easier on him? He has a hand mirror in with him now.
I would see if your friend can take him back until you can get him a mate. Or if he has a hen or two he can loan you? Poor guy is just lonely.
She won't. She had him and his male cage mate, and when she introduced a hen, my guy went after the hen aggressively. The other roo fell in love with the hen, and... I got this guy. Since he wouldn't play nice to the already beaten up hen. She hasn't got any other birds, and these were the last ones the lady she got hers from had.

He only does his locator calls a couple times a day, now. About 5 times, though last night he sounded pretty funny. It's like he was reminding me it was bedtime! He's in my room, and I cover him up at night to lessen his noise. Usually this is between 8-10pm, but last night due to homework (ugh, college) it was 12 and I still hadn't covered him.

For awhile he was even calling at 7:44am on the nose. But his calling has really dropped now that he's staying in my room all day. It's warmer, and he can hear us (me and my roommates)... I guess it makes a difference. I'm posting all over the place (FB, CL, etc) looking for a hen for him, I'm just not having luck.
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I know someone in Seattle I will ask if he knows anyone in your area...good luck!
I asked and he suggests trying craigslist or online searching. sorry
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Thank you, GrandmaBird!

Sorry I've been late replying here, it's been crazy with college classes lately. Ugh. Still haven't found a hen for him, but the gal that gave him to me - her hen's gone broody on 8 eggs. We can only hope!

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