hard to install automatic chicken door opener?

colonel sander

8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
Vancouver, WA
If you follow the directio9n it is simple. I did not have enough room in coop to put it directly above the door so I just screwed a eyebolt right above the door and ran the opener to one side of the eyebolt. Adjusted everything and it was done. Great product for the money.


9 Years
Oct 2, 2010
Slidell, Louisiana
Frizzleman74, Add-a-motor not hard to install at all. I have one in my large coop and will be hooking up one in my Bantam coop tomorrow. Mine are both operated on 120 v ac, so can't say much on the solar end of it other than it should be pretty easy, just follow their instructions. You will proberbly need a small lawn tractor or motorcycle battery for the power. If I understand it right, the solar panel is just for charging the battery. Maybe someone else can assist on that aspect of it. good luck
Erik here is pic of my two door setups and one motor and timer installed.

Small coop door, installing motor tomorrow when I get off duty.

Large coop door, motor and timer set-up.

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