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    Jul 21, 2010
    Harleysville, PA
    I'm not sure where to post this...

    We got 5 pullets back in August. I had a sneaking suspicion early on that my favorite, Camilla, was actually a Rooster. It has been confirmed and I've been trying to find a lovely local home for him for a few weeks.

    I need to find him a home sooner rather than later, however, because this morning he found his voice! And as soon as he gets a little louder - my neighbors aren't gonna be happy...

    I'd like him to go to someone who wants a rooster for their flock.

    If I can't find someone, I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and put him in the stewpot...

    I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I'm not looking for money, I just want to give him to a good home.

    We are located in Harleysville, PA.

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    Dayville, CT
    You should post this in the Buy-Sell-Auction section that applies (I believe it is chickens 8 weeks and older). Also, you may want to try the "Where am I, Where are You" thread for your area.
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