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    Please Read First

    A) By participating in this game, I promise that all BYC Rules will be followed and that I have read and understood the Role Play Rules that are in a sticky at the top of the Games forum.

    B) I promise that all content is to be rated G and suitable for all ages.

    C) I promise that there will be no swearing, cursing (including censoring by using symbols) or inappropriate adult sexual activity or innuendo. This extends to mating, breeding or innuendo in non-human characters as well.

    D) I promise to treat others with respect and kindness as is the BYC way.

    E) I promise not to post any material that is a violation of copyright. Basically this means: if you didn't create the content (like an image / picture) and don't have direct permission from the content creator to post it, then don't.



    For thousands of years, harpies lived on an island away from all of the other mythical creatures, and humans. But once humans became more intelligent and created technology, they populated more land and traveled to the island.

    The harpies were bothered by this, and decided to go somewhere else. As they flew the air of cities was thick with the songs and laughter of careless harpies, probably letting at least a few people know about their existence.

    The harpies decided to live on a mountain, a few miles away from a city in Washington. But to their dismay, other mythical creatures already live there, and not many of them want to welcome the harpy that has become known for being hideous and bothersome.
    And has alerted humans of the existence of magical creatures.

    Some harpy information:

    Harpies are a Greek mythical creature that is now known for being ugly and loud, and they kill people.
    But, they actually are supposed to sing beautifully and are also beautiful. Though, they still kill people.
    It's a woman (or man) with the chest and head of a human and the body, legs, and arms of a bird. Though even this is changed sometimes. Sometimes it's only the head, they entire body, et cetera.
    They are also known as sirens! Sirens actually never meant mermaid, even though I used to think it did.
    In this role play your harpy can be good or bad, whatever you want.

    More information about the role play:
    You can be any mythical creature you want, and you can also be a person. Feel free to make your own mythical creature as well!
    Also, wait until I say you're accepted before role playing.



    Have fun!
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    Nov 28, 2014
    Name: Arya
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Arya is stern and is easily annoyed, but she's nice at times. Arya is social, graceful, she loves singing, and can easily become rather popular.
    History: Arya was born into a royal family, and is the oldest of her siblings.

    Arya's grandfather had a huge impact on her life. He raised her, and wanted her to be the next Harpy leader.
    Right before her grandfather died of poison, he blessed her with the gift of being able to see the future. But he died during the process, and messed up. She can see the future, but if she tells anyone she'll die. Arya can give you hints or riddles about the future if you ask, but she never tells anyone the future straight forward and for this reason is sometimes extremely upset.

    Species: Harpy
    Picture/description: (Art and game by Niobessnupa (DD))

    Other: Arya still isn't leader.

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