Harriet is really Harry.....and the BO beat him up....meds please?

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  1. bburn

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    Jul 9, 2010
    Delaware, Arkansas
    Just was checking on the chickens. Have been watching Harry/Harriet for a long time now because he has no rooster behaviors, no crow. But knew he was a rooster. He harms none.

    Sometime this morning there was a scuffle. I noticed first the BO's neck....that his feathers were messed up a bit....like tangled.

    Then we noticed Harry's foot was bloody.....the feathers are spread apart....oh, he is a cochin. And there is blood. Not actively bleeding....but you can see blood. We pulled him out of the run because I know the others will peck on the blood and I happened to have another good sized wire pen that I could put him in. We were looking at him and you can see signs of feather loss on the back of his neck also. So I know it was rooster fighting. But I can't leave him in there with the blood.

    I am going to have to run to town to get something for his foot. What can I get? Is there a spray? This is the worlds nicest chicken. Never any aggression towards another chicken that I have seen. He MUST have started trying to breed the hens this morning because the BO has never acted aggressively towards him. And he did not towards the BR roo until he starting trying to court the girls.

    My husband will be home the middle of this next week from working out of state. He plans on building another coop in the new run that the BR roo is in and his girls are ready to come out of quarantine. Looks like there is going to be a third coop and some more girls. But first I have to make sure Harry heals up.

    OH, and electrolytes. Can I get them at the feed store....or what do you use?

    Thanks for any help for Harry.....
  2. WiscoChiko

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    Aug 19, 2010
    Portage county WI
    I think people use blue-kote for wounds, neosporin or any triple antibiotic is what I have used with no issues. Yes feed store should have electrolytes...Wisco
  3. bburn

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    Jul 9, 2010
    Delaware, Arkansas
    Just came back from town. Went to the co-op. I really wanted something I could spray. Vetericyn was what was recommended to me there and what I got. It is a spray. It is kind of new he said. I had just read about it on a search I did before I left. I hope it works as well as he said it would.

    I just did not want his foot to get infected. There are no head wounds, just feather loss. The BO roo had a little feather loss too. I have been watching them carefully for signs of fighting and there have been none. I was quite surprised but have been expecting something.

    Thanks for responding.....Had to get into town to get something as I did not have anything here that I could use.

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