Harriet was stuck all day. broke? a toe. Lethargic not eating

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    Mar 26, 2008
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    I found her hanging by one toe. She's been that way since at least this am b/c she laid an egg where she was. While I was attempting to free her the jerked out of my hand and cut/broke her toe.

    She's missing a bunch of feathers she's lethargic...I'm worried.

    I cleaned off her feet...and her whole body. Wrapped her up and had to carry her with me b/c I had to go somewhere but I wasn't sure how to leave her w/o her trying to stand on her foot.

    When I got home I cradled her- and she didn't fight when usually, she runs as soon as she hears me coming. I haven't touched her in.. 6 months. I 'fed' her some water using a straw and she 'lapped' it up- though I'm not sure how much she really got.

    her 'broke' foot is rally hot and oozing jello-y looking blood. the other foot= cold and trembling- her whole body is
    -shaking a little
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    Jan 19, 2009
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    she's in shock, keep her warm. A couple of days with food and water should her. Keep an eye on the foot for infection.

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