Harris Farms Nature Right 360 Incubator for Silkie eggs?

Farmer Connie

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Feb 28, 2017
Florida Peninsula
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Not me.. sorry Charlie.. We have 4 TSC stores in our County. They only offer Little Giant 9300's.
Our Rural King's only offer Farm Innovation ovens.
I wish we had more options. I hope someone can answer your question. I wish you the best.;)
Apr 9, 2018
Has anyone used this incubator for silkies or the like? My local tractor supply has these and I would like to get another incubator in addition to my genesis.
Don't buy this incubator. Here is my review that I posted on Tractor Supply's website.
"I bought this incubator about a month ago. Worked perfect for 21 days, then on hatch day, everything went wrong. First, condensation built up way too high in the incubator and water started collecting in the digital display, even with the humidity control all the way open. The humidity was so high, the chicks wouldn't dry. Then, about six chicks hatched and I noticed that they all had bloody beaks with blood dripping down their faces, so I started watching. When the chicks would stand up under the fan, the vent holes are so large, the chicks could stick their heads up into the fan. The fan blade would smack them in the head, breaking their beaks. This is a terrible design. I snatched the chicks out of the incubator and put them directly under the heat lamp to try to save as many as possible. Then the high temperature alarm started going off on the machine (saying it was 219 degrees), the candling lamp came on and none of the buttons worked. The fan was still running so I put a thermometer inside hoping that it would still run long enough to hatch the rest of my eggs. The temperature dropped to 79 degrees and stayed there. The machine was completely broken at that point and I'm returning it."


Sep 27, 2018
I have two. They designed them for chicken eggs and they MUST be reset every 21 days to continue turning and tho other problems. Ive been told that the have smaller rotator designed for smaller eggs. I use mine for turkeys and have had a bumper crop of little ones tho some have o be turned by hand daily as too large

Shamo Hybrid

Jun 6, 2018
I remember being interested in this incubator cuz it just looks damn cool (yeah, I'm a sucker for aesthetics)...... so I searched on it and found out that, yes, the humidity issue resulting in electronics going bonkers was indeed addressed and fixed with a gasket kit that I believe was free of charge. And I think there was another issue that was fixed too, can't think of what it is right this moment but they did fix it, might have been that fan issue? Anyway, the incubator looks nice.... makes me wanna get one! :p


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