Harry Potter release with my baby chicks


In the Brooder
Feb 17, 2016
Tampa, FL

Just wanted to share a super sweet moment. I was up waiting for the pre-release of the new Harry Potter book on Amazon prime-now. If you're not familiar with prime-now, you order it at 9:45 and they deliver it to your doorstep two hours later… So I was just hanging out waiting for the Harry Potter book to come up and these two little babies decided to jump up on my neck and hang out and wait with me. So I took a picture of them and figured I would share the love.

The white one is a crossbreed of my pure white Sultan and my blue Polish Crested. Her name is "chicken little" because she is so small. Such a cute speckled Bantam. The other one is an Araucana that I call "blue". I'm sure you can guess why… LOL

Anyway we are all excited for the new Harry Potter book. Chicken Little said she wants first dibs...LOL

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