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    Hello all... I am posting this for AZ members OR for those of you who have friends/family in the area who might be interested in joining in the fun.

    Last weekend (12/20) a friend of mine (who inspired me to start my gardens and get some laying hens) invited a number of people to help a kind old fella named Homer harvest two acres of turnips for delivery to local food banks. It went very well!

    All in all, we helped support Homer and Harvest For Humanity deliver over 3000 lbs. of turnips to Saint Mary's Food Bank. The were very grateful and the shine in Homer's eyes was priceless. You see, Homer had made the decision that this would be his last crop he could grow for the food banks. He has been doing this a long time and he is just not getting the help and support that he once had and he is also not getting any younger which makes it a little hard to do it all by himself. As it is he spends 6 to 8 hours almost everyday working these fields by himself and at 75 years, that is a lot of work for someone that age....heck, that's a lot of work at any age. But, he is so full of life and when he saw the support and the love that everybody brought, he was elated. The spark in his eyes has definitely turned into a flame again with the vision of the possibilities that I think support from others can bring to this foundation.

    So, here is the great news, there is still a BUNCH or turnips left to be picked and we will be meeting again this Sat, 12/27 any time after 8:eek:o a.m. at his property in Chandler. We will work through the rest of the field and if we have enough people, we will get a second trailer and try to finish off the field. So for any of you that will be in town and can spare some time for a great cause, please show up anytime you can. We will probably be there until about 1pm. Every little bit helps. Also, we had some folks bring out their pre teens and teenagers. It was great to see them dig right in. So please feel free to bring helpers and or forward this message to those that just feel the need to come out, have fun, get some great exercise and support our community. Oh, we will also start citrus picking in early Jan. So, if you know anyone that has citrus trees that usually go to waste, let them know we can pick them and deliver them to the food banks. And yes, we will need help for picking as well. I will keep you posted.

    Anyone interested PM or email me!

    Happy Holidays

    (edited to correct spelling "lying hens" to "laying hens"... or maybe they really are liars??)
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    Shoot sounds like fun... I am TOTALLY booked from sunrise till after dark on Saturday.

    Have fun.

    BTW.. who eats Turnips anymore?... I couldn't stand them when I was a kid either.
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    Me I love them..wish I was closer and could help......what a lovely person Homer is....

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