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    Aug 4, 2014
    Today was slaughter day for the last 10 birds out of Meyers Fry Pan special. There have been a number of questions posted about the Fry pan special, but not to many answers. So here is my attempt to give some other folks some useful information.

    These birds were born on 9/30/14. That makes them 16.6 weeks old today.

    We got 25 birds in total, and have been slaughtering them for a few weeks. Today we did the final 10. 3 barred rocks, 4 red stars, and 3 austrolops.

    The average weight of the live birds was 4lbs 14oz just before slaughter. That was with a 16 hour fast, and a completely empty digestive tract and crop.

    These ten birds ate a total of $56.34 of food (50# dumor 20% starter @ 15.99, 3X50# 20% local feed @ 11.45, and a pro rated $5 worth of sprouted sunflower seeds). They were also given plenty of treats courtesy of the local nursing home where i pick up their kitchen waste to feed the pigs.

    They lived in an 8X8 coop with 24 hour access to a 25X16 run. The run was well planted with bahia grass prior to their arrival. At this point the run is bare!

    My wife and I lit the flame at 8:48, and wiped up the last of the bleach cleaning solution at 11:04. We do everything by hand. So we invested 2:16 in the process this morning. (I won't count the cooking time of the stocks and lard)

    Onto harvest pictures and totals. I try to use every last part of the bird. I have pictures of how each part was used in todays harvest.

    Feathers - The feathers and blood where burried in a sandy area that will be a future pasture.
    Feet - We stripped the feet down, and boiled them in 2 gallons of water. It is on the stove right now. When it is reduced to 1 gallon we will put it up for future use. It makes a great stock.
    The liver, kidneys, and hearts - Lunch today! And I will eat it in my "gruel", a tasty mixture of quinoa, rice, stock, and offall that I make up in bulk and eat every day at work.
    The rest of the innards - Piggy will eat them! We will mix it with crushed corn over the next few feedings.
    Onto the good stuff!! We skinned six of the birds (the barred rocks, and austrolops). We packed them up in the vacum sealed bags. 4 breasts per bag, 4 thigh/legs per bag, and 12 wings in the wing bag.

    The four plucked birds came out looking nice.

    And lastly, we have the fat on the stove rendering down. And all the backs, necks, breastbones cooking off. I will pull approx 2lbs of pulled chicken later tonight.

    To recap and tally it all up

    COST TOTAL 78.91- (Chickens $14.91, food $56.35, vacuseal bags $8)

    Meat totals -
    4 whole birds, avg 3lbs = 12lbs whole
    Thighs 3 packs at 1.75 lbs = 5lbs
    Boneless breasts 3 packs @ 1lb = 3lb
    wings 1 pack = 1.5 lb
    Livers, hearts, kidnesy = 1 lb
    pulled chicken = 2 lbs
    pure chicken fat = 8oz
    collagen stock = 1gallon
    regular stock = 1 gallon

    What the fridge looks like right now! (before the stock is put up)

    I hope you find this post somewhat helpful and informational. Please reply with any questions, comments, or areas that I can improve my processes!
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    Awesome, thank you for cash break down.
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    Excellent project... and use of everything. For those who dont have pigs is it possible to feed that stuff to dogs?

    If you can next time before you stick everything in the freezer. Take the bags and lay them as flat as you can on a cookie sheet then freeze them... Should only take an hour or so to get them frozen enough to lay flat. Pull the bags off and put them in the freezer then load up another cookie sheet. Till you get everything frozen. This way you can stack the food as if it were books in a library.... you can see all the edges.... Then when you need something it wont have everything else sitting on top.

    I do this Because we have one of those freezer drawers... I hate having to dig. If I were smart I would get some labels that could be affixed to the edge and readable for date and product without removing it....

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    Aug 4, 2014
    Thats a really good idea! We will give that a shot when we transfer to the bags from the fridge to the freezer in a couple of days.

    There is no harm in feeding the innards to the dogs. Having the birds fasted makes the intenstines much easier to work with!
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    Nice, Yum!
    So about $3.50 per pound?
    Not including stocks and fat.
    What about the heads?
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    Apr 29, 2014
    I am curious about this chicken fat lard. Do you have any pics of the finished product?

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