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    Greetings ,

    I like numbers and stats. And I like reading the experience of others. If you are like me, than this is for you.

    The birds - Moyers Speckled Broilers. http://www.moyerschicks.com/catalog/colored-broilers/speckled-cockerel. I ordered 25, 29 showed up, 24 made it to the butchers table. The birds grew quickly, but were very inconsistent, some are tiny, some are huge. Some look more like a true broiler, some like a DP. They forage decently, but are still on the messy side. They do not roost, so laying in their own poop is an issue.

    The grow out conditions - I started them in a 3X4 brooder. At two weeks I moved them to an 8X8 grow out shed. At 5.5 weeks we put them outside in a 16X20 run/lean too with fresh oats and rye (We live in Florida).

    Food - I started on Dumor 24% and served it to them wet, then switched over to the locally produced 20% from Knights farm fresh feed in Bushnell Florida. These boys loved to eat.

    The numbers and cost and size

    Growth chart
    week 1 - 4.4 oz
    week 2 - 10 oz
    week 3 - 1.1 lbs
    week 4 - 1.7 lbs
    week 5 - 2.2 lbs
    week 6 - 2.9 lbs
    week 7 - 3.9 lbs
    week 8 - 4.25 lbs
    Slaughter day , 60 days old.. average weight 4.6 pounds

    Birds $55.50 for the 24 birds. $2.31 each, includes shipping
    Food consumed in first 60 days 350 pounds, or 14.5 pounds per bird
    Food price averaged out to be .25 per pound (11.45 for the 20%, 16.99 for the 24%)
    TOTAL variable cost per bird $5.92

    We plucked two birds, average carcass weight 3.5lbs
    We skinned and quartered the other four from the sample, averaging 1.25 pounds of Breasts, thighs, legs, wings
    Additionally we have 2lbs of pulled meat from the carcass and two gallons of stock, plus the kidneys and hearts.

    Cost per pound
    On the pulled carcasses we are at $1.82 per pound
    On the skinless side we are at $6.58 per pound (EXCLUDING stock, pulled meat, livers, ext)

    Hope you can use this info in some way.

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