harvesting fiber/hair from highlander/yaks/hair sheep

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    my husband and i are looking into some new additions for next year. im planning on getting some hair sheep from a friend and we are also looking into yaks and highlander cattle. i know they are all good for meat but i was curious about what other options there are. we recently seen an episode of dirty jobs where he had to harvest yak hair. is there actually profit in doing this and if so how do u sell it. we had llama`s at my mother and shed send it out and had it made into yarn....is it the same thing with the other animals? just trin to do my research before getting any.
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    harvest yak hair. is there actually profit in doing this and if so how do u sell it.

    I doubt there's any market for it outside Tibet.

    Don't waste your time trying to collect anything useful from hair sheep either​
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    Yak wool, as I understand it, is the best quality before they reach 2 yrs old, it may get courser as they age (or maybe just easier to collect). There are some people who work with Yak wool. You could also check with local art schools if they offer textile classes.


    I would do some searches on it before just writing the whole idea off.
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    Yak meats are the healthiest and tastiest meat you can find. Much better tasting then Highlander beef.
    Yak wool is much like cashmere. And there are a number of yak wool buyers that will buy the raw wool from you. I have had both Yaks and Highlanders, and believe there is no contest. Yaks are the only way to go!! Check out my websites at www.yakmeat.us and www.yakbreeder.com . Thanks, Yakman

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