Has anyone converted a travel trailer into a coop?

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    My DH and I are campground owners. Last night we talked about transforming an 8x30 abandoned trailer into a coop. Good features are 2 doors, 2 roof vents with fans, and water. Will have to remove TV, sofa, beds, sinks, oven, fridge + table. Of course there's cabinets and closets, although I might be able to make one into a brooder. If we didn't have so much snow today I take pictures. Has anyone done this?
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    i have not personally, but with a little work, i think it would be an awesome coop!! The cabinets could be converted into brooders and nest boxes (depending on their size of course) and you could also store supplies in them :) Post pictures if you do it, that would be super cool :)
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    Nov 25, 2010
    No, but, please keep posting updates. I'm on the hunt for a small camper (I may even go with a pop-up) as my next "coop conversion" project. :)
  4. Yes I have taken a scrap caravan from Ebay stripped it down to the bare chassis and built a coop on it
    The standard caravan build of thin plywood with an aluminium outer skin is not really suitable.
    Far too weak once the cabinets are removed, not waterproof and a haven for pests.
    Most old UK caravans are so rotten there is little worth using on them other than the chassis.

    I based my build on this concept but without the huge gas ram doors or the $5000 egg handling system

    I used a recycled plasticcalled stokboard for the walls fixed to an external timber frame so the entire interior can be pressure washed and has nowhere for red mites to hide.
    I did not use metal because here in the UK it would suffer far too much condensation
    For the floor I used 2mx2m kennel panels with 5cm gaps between the bars so the poop fall on the grass.

    The caravan is vented top and bottom and most of the sides have windows covered by recycling some of the original caravan windows so they provide light and rain protection but are never completely closed

    the perches are all 5M long and can be withdrawn through the rear window for cleaning

    The roof is onduline (bitumen) sheeting
    The towbar brakes and wheels all work and the structure is strong enough to be towed on the open road if necessary.
    The four original jacks plus the jockey wheel can be used to get it reasonably level although that's not crucial
    I towed it around my field once a week with a small compact Iseki tractor until early winter however moving anything on clay in the winter is not a nice experience and the grass gets badly damaged

    So I built my caravan with a very low roof for a specific reason in the winter I bring it up out of the field and it needed to be low enough able to fit under my carport so the birds have a large dry area on wet days
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    My Coop
    Sure you could......have seen a large travel trailer turned into a coop.

    As long as it is weather tight it should be fine.

    Would love to see pics.

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