has anyone crossed these breeds?

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    Dec 30, 2010
    birmingham uk
    hi everyone

    ive order 6 mixed eggs off ebay because my hens gone broody and i want to see if she will sit on them and in the decription it said his breeds include-

    (buff, black, blue, splash and gold lace orpington)
    (silver, light, buff and speckled sussex)
    (salmon faverolle)
    (cuckoo and wheaton french maran)
    (exchequer and white leghorns)
    (rhode island reds)

    he said that he has 100 hens and 20 cockerels so the eggs could be pure or cross breed

    i was just wondering if anyone has crossed any of these breeds and has any pic to show me

    if so that would be great thanks [​IMG]
  2. Captain Carrot

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    Jan 25, 2011
    unknown mix-breeds are never what it says on the tin. You'll have no idea of the laying capabilities of the hens, and also no idea of how good the parent birds where.

    I've crossed light Sussex with Amrocks before and ended up with a decent table bird and an above average layer, but the colours and markings where all over the place, pure black, barred, white, black with brown chest. I got some pretty hens and cockerels but I wouldn't do anything with them other than put them on the table.

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