???Has anyone else lost a lot of people in their life this year???


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Sep 25, 2008
Douglas, MA
Okay, this has been a baaaadddd year. Before this year I had only been to a couple funerals and wakes, I have been to alot recently. I lost my healthy cousin to a heart attack last Wednesday, he was the same age as me ony 36 years old. We grew up like brother and sister. They had me be pall barer, I never even knew woman could do it. I cant get past all this. Now this morning, I just got a phone call from my sister...our friend Jess' brother died in a car accident last night. We also buried DH grandfather and uncle. And my sisters husbands parents, both of them within 6 months of each other. I was close to all of these people. Am I just getting old and this is why this is happening or has anyone else had a lot of losses this year?? Not sure how much more I can take. For real
It hasn't just been this year, it's been the past 5 years.

5 years ago:
Uncle Larry
Uncle Gary (They were identical twins)

3 years ago:
My mom

2 years ago:
Uncle Phillipe

This year:
Grandpa (within 6 months of each other)
My mom sheltered me from it until I was old enough (18) to make my own decisions. This year has changed that. I am so stressed out. I cant help thinking that God is preparing me for something to come that is a lot worse. Maybe someone alot closer or something?? Too many in too short of a time.
I hear that EC, I may not be on here all the time...but I always come here for support. Its the best...this is my lifeline.
I ditto the worst year remark. So far 7 very close people in my life have passed away this year. All I can say is that the pain never goes away you just get used to it. Remember them and all the good times to honor them well.
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