Has anyone ever had a chicken that was choking?

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  1. Yesterday I let my girls out to free range on the grass and they were going nuts scratching up worms and bugs. I observred Ellie, one of my adopted resucues looking kind of funny and pursing her beak. She started acting like she was trying to push something out of her mouth with her tongue with no avail. I watched her for a minute or two and it seemed tobe getting worse. I went to pick her up and see if she had something stuck in her beak and a bunch of saliva stuff rolled out. She gave me this horrible 'help me mom!!!"look. I ran back tothe coop with her under my arm so that i could get some water and a towel if needed. I thought maybe she had eaten somthing bad, or was choking. The short 100 feet distance we ran her face turned BLUE. just like in the choking videos and books. I have never seen such a thing. He eyes started to bulge out and it was [email protected]!!!!! I set her intop of my rainbarrel and started to massage her neck. thought if something was lodged there, maybe i could push it down for her. IT worked. I could feel something lodged there and i put my fingers on each side of her neck and massaged it down. Immediately, her color came back, her eyes went back in and she just sat there. I gave her a few minutes to make sure she was breathing and swallowing ok. I got some water down her and made her sit with me for a few. she clucked at me for a few minutes. I knew that she was ok, and i put her back with the group. I think she ate a huge slug and it wouldnt go down. She is fine today, eating and etc.

    who woud have thought - the heimlich for a hen! anyone else had one choke?

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    Oh Gosh! Good for you.

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    Sounds like she was lucky you were there.
    My rooster Sinbad, he's a pig. I give my chickens bread all the time (sub rolls that I get for free) and Sinbad doesent pick the peices apart like the rest of my chickens, he just gulps and runs arround with a big peice of bread stuck in his mouth untill he can finally get it down he doesn't seem to be choking when he forces it down.
    It makes me laugh just to watch him, it's just his way. he's a big fatty.
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    That would be scary. My ferret was acting like she was choking a few days ago and I was starting to panic and then about the time I went to grab her out of her cage thinking I was going to have to heimlich on her and she quit doing it. It's one of those things you're not sure what to do and it is an emergency to top it off.
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    Jun 27, 2010
    Boy, that was slick. I have to massage my little daschund sometimes because she gets something stuck in her mouth or she has asthma and I rub her windpipe until it passes. What an interesting predicament and timely solution!
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    It was a good thing you were right there to save her. What a wonderful outcome.
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    I had a white leghorn pullet who choked on a grape(whole), I massaged it up and out and she was fine after. But she did the same as yours, just stood there with the help me look and turned BLUE!
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    WOW! Thank googness you were there! [​IMG]

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