Has anyone ever had fluid on the lungs? *Update*

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  1. charmed one

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    My DM has fluid on her lungs. She has had them sucked out 3 times in the last month by a procedure called a Thorocentisis. The Pulmanary doctor said it was usually cancer that causes the fluid. All of the tests from the fluid have come back neg for cancer and neg for pneumonia. Has anybody had this or been around anything like this? Mom is on oxygen now at home and it seems like we are just waiting around for her lungs to fill up so we can have them sucked out again. I looked stuff up on the internet and asked her lung Dr if maybe she should go see a heart Dr. "Oh, yea..that wouldn't hurt., he said. WHY WON'T ANYONE TELL ME WHAT WE SHOULD DO NEXT! Is this what the medical system has come to? Where are the DR House's of the world? Doesn't anyone care about people anymore? I'm not a doctor. It has fallen on my shoulders as my parents main caregiver to research this and plot our next move and I don't know what to do! Whew! I just took a breath and realized where I went..sorry, but I feel better now getting that off my chest! So, if anyone knows anything about this and has any suggestions as to what my next move may be or what maybe causing this, I would appreciate your help. Anyway, Thanks for listening. [​IMG]
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    wow - strange that a pulmonologist isnt giving straight answers... I think I'd get a second opinion as fluid on the lungs is most certainly NOT cancer most of the time I can assure you.

    It could be a number of things:

    Pleural effusion
    heart failure (causes pulmonary edema)
    lung disease

    I think I'd get a second opinion with another pulmonologist but definately seek the consult of a heart doctor...

    Prayers being said for your mom and you..
  3. AhBee01

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    Sounds like it could be congestive heart failure. I would get a second opinion right away.
    My DH Grandma went through that when she had congestive heart failure. She also had fluid around her heart.
    The lung Dr should have sent her for tests I would think. I can't stand a DR who does nothing when they are clueless as to what is going on, if you don't know, then tell me what Dr to go to next. It isn't that hard to say, I don't know but so and so might be able to help!
    I hope you get answers soon
  4. charmed one

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    I have gotten her an appointment with a cardioligist for next Wed. We were thinking about going to the Mayo Clinic in Minn. but I think the trip might be too long for her to take. I've read also that it might be the kidneys too. She is also diabetic. I haven't said before, she is 84 years old. She has been really healthy except for now. We should get the test results from the Thorocentisis she had on Mon either today or tomorrow. The lung Dr. told us the first 3 things that usually cause this is, and I quote..Cancer, Cancer and Cancer. I really think he can't believe that her tests have all come up neg. What a quack. Hope he doesn't have chickens..[​IMG] Hehe
    Also..thanks for the prayers [​IMG]
  5. HennysMom

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    glad you got her another appointment.... thats great to hear.

    and I'd definately say that doctor is wrong.. it is NOT cancer cancer cancer every time... what a jerk. Like you dont have enough to worry about without some butt telling you that! [​IMG] I'd guess heart issue (FIL had the same thing) and got fluid around his lungs (and was diabetic also). They never had to drain because it went away but it was very painful - they did come close though a few times.

    Keep us posted, okay? [​IMG]
  6. spook

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    Now, have those doctors check her for a Kidney or Urinary tract infection. No kidding.
    My DM has had all the tests done after them tapping her lungs, terrible thing to imagine- or not the worst, but the details even give me the willies and I'm worked in the health care field!!

    Hers was 8 weeks after quad bypass, and she just couldn't get up and going, nausea, at the last day, vomiting.
    She went by ambulance where they found she was Gram Neg and Septic (infection through her whole body including brain) with a UTI.
    I received the test results from all that lung issue and it was negative for everything. But, the body when protecting itself, will store up fluid in the lungs or other cells. The body is sending the wrong signals.

    That is why I say, get those doctors to not only a test for UTI, but a count under a microscope, nothing less. DM urine always is negative for the "dip" that they do for immediate results.
    It may not be her problem, but its something you have to trouble shoot, be a spokes person for your mom, write stuff down, make it known that you want answers.

    Take care, my DM is still with me, I help her out by living here with her now and all that stuff was 12 years ago! So there is help, if they look else where!
  7. charmed one

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    Quote:I just talked to mom about what you said. She has had many UTI's and has to be careful because of it. She only has 10% use of 1 kidney, the other is ok. She now has an appointment with her kidney DR. on the 13th. Hopefully we are covering all bases. [​IMG] Thanks !
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    My grandmother had that happend to her. She also had COPD, an enlarged heart and several other medical issues going on with her. They were constantly sucking the fluid out of her. I can't recall what the Dr's said caused it though, sorry I know that's no big help. At one point we were having to take her about every 3 days to have it drained. Then they finally told us there was nothing more they could do. Talk about feeling helpless.
  9. jlmann

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    Mar 3, 2009
    My grandfather had the same problem after his first heart attack and he still struggles with it. You were wise to question her doctor and set up an appointment with a cardiologist. Grandpa's problem with fluid in his lungs is 100% related to his weak heart. Hope you find some answers ! God bless.
  10. turney31

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I don't have any idea about her condition but I will keep you in my prayers. [​IMG]

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