Has anyone ever had "rotor rooter" aka;sinus surgery???

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  1. chickon baby

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    Mar 26, 2009
    st charles
    I would like to hear from anyone who has had sinus surgery.Not sure of the exact medical name,I call it rotor rooter.Please let me know or PM me.I need to have it done and Im really not looking forward to it and concerned abt the dangers,after surgery care etc.Ive had alot of issues and problems w/severe head pain,loss of vision in 1 eye and chronic sinus infec.They found a growth,its not a polup and some other problems.Help and/or advice is greatly appreciated.Thanks
  2. Elite Silkies

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    I elected not to have it done. Have you tried any steroid nasal sprays? They work really good for me, so I don't have to have the surgery done. My friend had it done. Said it helped for a little while.
  3. Livinzoo

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    Mar 2, 2008
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    My ex-MIL had it. It really worked for her.
  4. Katy

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    My daughter in law had it and it really helped her a lot.
  5. 3goodeggs

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    May 22, 2009
    North Central Florida
    Septoplasty? where they go in and take bone away from the septum and open up the air way? yes i had it done, and then followed up with cauterizing(sp?) the turbanates.
    Husband also had it done. best money I ever spent next to that grand on the epidural when my kid was born.
    I still get sinus infections, but they go away now. before it was a living nightmare.
  6. Beekissed

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    My son had this when he was around 4 yrs. old. Not a bad recovery and everything went well except removing the nasal tampons(packing). This was pretty painful and hard to do.
  7. Sunny the Hippie Chick

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    Sep 8, 2008
    Brookings Oregon
    I have not had this surgery. But need it very badly. I can not breath through my nose at all. I cant smell any thing. Some times I can. But rarely. I can only taste really sweet, salty or sour foods. Which is mostly the foods that are not good for you. But I hate eatting some thing I cant taste. My nose is always plugged and swollen. Some times causing my eyes to water uncontrolabley. Some times I cant see straight. And other times I get dizzy when it is the most swollen. Some times it makes my teeth hurt. Oh and my ears are now going, I think because of my nose being swollen all the time. I now have constant ringing in my ears and people have to say stuff twice to me some times. This has been going on since I was 18, and getting worse each year. I am almost 33. That is alot of years to deal with this. Im so tired of it I really feel like shuving a pencil up my nose to open it up.. There is no way I can afford it. I would save for my entire life and still not be able to get the surgery. And we have no health insurance either. And cant afford that for me. Because I had 2 c-sections, 1 D&C, Toncils removed, a hernia surgery when I was 5. All because of those past surgerys my premiums are way to high..

    I so wish I could have the surgery and maybe smell again. I cant even smell the wonderful outdoors. Or if there is a bad smell in my house that needs cleaned. I cant tell if food has spoiled. So wont eat any thing close to date with out having my DH check it first.
  8. 3goodeggs

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    May 22, 2009
    North Central Florida
    Oh dear, i feel for you. I was there, but had enough money for the surgery. I was 39 when I had it done. See if a doctor will arrange a payment schedual for you.
    There has to be way. Don't give up.
    You may be allergic to something too. Go to the library and look for a book on food alergies. it is at least a starting place!
    I hope you'll feel better.
  9. Beekissed

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    Sunny, I'm assuming you have taken lots of antibiotics for sinus infections over the years? I'd be really surprised if you hadn't.

    My son went through this from a young age, had the tonsils, addenoids removed, had the sinus scraping, the septum repair etc. by the time he was 4 yrs. None of it worked.

    I will tell you what worked for us. We had already had him allergy tested and didn't come up with anything really bad, so this wasn't a cause. My mother had been reading up on yeast infections and things that trigger and help them grow, so I kind of implemented some of the steps and it has been a great success for us.

    My son's breath was always kind of sour, almost vinegary, or smelled like snot when he was really bad. So this was a gross side effect also.

    I cut out dairy products. All of them. I limited all sugary or starchy foods~yeast/fungus loves sugar and will actually cause a host to crave sugars in order to feed it's growth. I started giving him olive leaf extract, a capsule form herbal, that is known to help control fungus growth. We started using raw honey for sweetener, which is also a good antifungal agent.

    This was all a resounding success for him! Now he is a teen and we have not had to give him antibiotics since he was 5 years old. When he even starts to get a runny nose or post-nasal drainage, I review his diet. He still craves starches and sugars but we know how to curb the sinus swelling and inflammation now and we just stop letting him eat them, go on the olive leaf extract for about 3 days, and are still amazed at how effective this is.

    Olive leaf extract is not costly and cutting out dairy and other processed foods is a money saver also. Raw honey can get pricey but it's worth it's weight in gold.

    This is a good thing to try if you don't have money for surgery and you want to take an active part in your own health.
  10. tonini3059

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    Nov 6, 2008
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    My friend had it done and it worked for him. He had a bunch of tiny polyps that he could barely breathe through his nose and it messed with his taste buds. Now he can eat more than just french fries.

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