Has anyone ever successfully hatched TURKEY eggs under a broody GOOSE?


10 Years
May 9, 2009

I have a broody, 2 yr old African Brown goose, "Lou-lou," who has been setting on an empty "nest" she made herself on the floor of the chicken coop for over a week. She quit laying about 2-3 weeks ago. Her mate, Gussie, walks around squawking and hissing whenever anybody comes near. Both Lou-lou and Gussie act like parents whenever new chicks or turkey poults are put into the yard -- they "baby" them and act all parental and protective -- even sleeping next to them -- it's so cute. So I really wanted Lou-lou to experience "motherhood." Unfortunately, she didn't get broody while she was laying, so I got three fertile duck eggs from a friend, and put them in a wooden box (actually converted a "drawer" from an old dresser) along with the contents of the hay and feathers she had in her "nest," and put it in the same place. At first she wasn't sure about the "new nest," but then she was fine with that -- even seemed a little "excited" if that's possible! She dipped her head in a container of water and dripped water all over herself... then went right over and climbed in the box and has been setting on the 3 duck eggs for two days now. My question, however, is that my friend said that putting fertile TURKEY EGGS under her would result in her crushing/breaking them. She seemed to think that somehow the DUCK EGGS would be more likely to withstand her clumsy, webbed feet than would the more fragile turkey eggs.

Has anyone ever had a broody goose successfully hatch out TURKEY EGGS? Did she break or crush any of them? Any help from anyone on this issue would be appreciated! I have 10-12 lavender turkey eggs coming that I'd really like to put under Lou-Lou, but they're too precious to have her accidentally crush them, and probably ruin the duck eggs in the process. Are turkey eggs more fragile than duck and goose eggs? Would it help if there were lots of straw and hay in the nest to "pad" the eggs better? Thanks!

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