Has anyone ever tried to find and buy a broody hen & her clutch of fertile eggs?

Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by Carolyn252, Feb 12, 2012.

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    No roosters allowed here and I don't want to deal with incubators and taking care of chicks in the house.

    Where would I find a broody hen and her clutch of fertile eggs? Has anyone ever bought one? How'd it work out?

    Seems like an ideal solution to having chicks grow up in the backyard coop and run.

    Whaddyall think?

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    Another option is to save up some laid eggs for hatching buy or some hatching eggs and put them under a broody hen. Do you currently have breeds that go broody? My cochins, orpingtons and OEG will go broody periodically. Timing the purchase of a broody hen might be difficult. Go to the forum navigation/index and click on "where am I, where are you" to find your NY state thread to connect with BYC folks in your area who may sell a hen who goes broody frequently.
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    That is tough to find, also if you relocate a broody hen she may not sit on the eggs you would have to do this at night.
  4. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Well, long ago, I was 'donated' a broody hen and her eggs. Found her in a box on my front porch. She was so dedicated to her brood, she never left her eggs during transit. I put her in isolation- box and all-and let her do her thing. She was a mutt hen and hatched mutt chicks. The roosters were rehomed for food, and I kept the others until they died of old age. At that time I was a serious chicken owner and had several facilities for raising birds, and my main concern was protecting my existing flock from possible infection.However, the newbie did well and so did her chicks. I never did find out who left her on my front porch.
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    Well, I never thought of that, but, if you live out in the country, an area where a lot of people keep chickens for eggs, those with interest in eggs only, not hatching chicks, maybe not even keeping a rooster, find a hen prone to going broody often an annoyance and it interrupts egg laying....I suppose you could put the word out, even post notice at the feed store, you'd be interesed in broody or broody-prone hens.

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